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“It’s the relationship that heals,” Irvin Yalom



In the heart of our therapeutic journey lies the wisdom of Self Psychology, a compassionate approach crafted by Heinz Kohut. It’s like a gentle embrace that understands and heals, focusing on the core of who you are—the self.

Imagine our sessions as a nurturing space where we explore the complex dance between your sense of self and the relationships that shaped it, especially those with caregivers. In the world of Self Psychology, these significant others are like pillars, offering essential emotional and psychological support—key ingredients for a healthy sense of self.

One of the magical concepts in this approach is mirroring. It’s as if, in your early years, caregivers held up a mirror to your emotions, responding with empathy and understanding. This mirroring dance forms the foundation of a positive self-image, helping you weave together the threads of your identity. It’s a bit like crafting a mixture of who you are, piece by piece, with each reflection of your experiences.

Heinz Kohut also introduced the ideas of idealization and twinship. Picture it like looking up to others with admiration and finding common ground with those who share similarities. These processes contribute to the rich tapestry of your self, adding layers of strength and resilience.

As your therapist, my commitment is to create a therapeutic space that honours your unique journey toward a stronger and more cohesive sense of self. We weave the principles of Self Psychology into our work, nurturing personal growth and emotional healing. Together, we embark on a mission to build relationships that resonate with authenticity and satisfaction, enriching the chapters of your life story. It’s not just therapy; it’s a shared exploration, a journey towards a more vibrant and fulfilled version of yourself.

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