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“It’s the relationship that heals,” Irvin Yalom

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and transformation through psychotherapy. Many individuals turn to psychotherapy when facing specific challenges, experiencing distress, or grappling with a general sense of unease and unfulfillment.

If you’re struggling with tough emotions, feeling overwhelmed, or facing relationship challenges, psychotherapy can help. With me you get to talk openly about your life and feelings, addressing bottled-up emotions like anger, anxiety, or other suppressed feelings. Together, we get to learn how to understand and manage these emotions better.

Within the confidential space of our sessions, you have the opportunity to openly and freely discuss various aspects of your life and feelings. This level of genuine conversation is often hard to achieve with friends or family. Through this exploration, we can address a wide range of issues.

I have a wealth of experience assisting clients who have faced various challenges, such as stress, including post-traumatic stress, navigating complex relationships, coping with anxiety and panic attacks, overcoming depression, and dealing with the profound emotions of bereavement, grief, and loss. Additionally, I specialize in addressing repeating patterns of behaviour, supporting individuals in boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem, and supporting those who have experienced trauma and dissociation. My approach is rooted in empathy and understanding, as I work collaboratively with clients to foster positive change and growth in their lives.

The first step towards positive change begins with an initial consultation. Together, we can determine whether psychotherapy is the right path for you. Your journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life awaits.

Next step

If you would like to explore the possibility of psychotherapy with me, please send me an email or WhatsApp/Text me on +447479609289 to arrange an assessment session. In this session we will discuss your issues and expectations of therapy and you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have and to form an impression of me. We will then decide whether we would like to continue working together. Sessions are 50 minutes long, on at least a weekly basis. All sessions, including assessment session, have a fee of £55.00


Jewellery Quarter

I work from 22 Regent place, Birmingham (B1 3NJ), 6 minutes’ drive (20 minutes’ walk) from Birmingham city centre. 

Sessions are by appointment only.

Sutton Coldfield

I also work from Sutton Coldfield, B74 on Mondays and Thursdays.


Working online using online platforms is possible.

Just like in-person psychotherapy, remote therapy offers a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential space for you to reflect.

It’s important that you have a private and safe space from which to have your sessions and that you aren’t worried about being overheard.

Click here to contact me by e-mail or give me a call on +44 7479609289.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how psychotherapy works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to psychotherapy, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right psychotherapist to help.

You can also call me on +447479609289 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

Please note: If you have not heard back from me within 48 hours, please check your Spam/Junk folder as some of my emails get caught in the spam filters.