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“It’s the relationship that heals,” Irvin Yalom

Low-Self Esteem

In the story of your life, how you see yourself is like a woven pattern made from your experiences and the lessons you’ve learned. It’s a unique tale, shaped by your own point of view. Let’s playfully look at some signs that might mean your self-esteem could use a boost: not quite meeting your parents’ expectations, feeling a bit off with what your friends think, carrying the weight of others’ problems, missing praise and warmth from loved ones, and sometimes feeling a bit out of place in the dance of family and friendships.

As your therapist, my job is to be on your team in this journey of self-discovery and feeling stronger. Together, we can explore the ups and downs of your story, finding ways to lift your self-esteem and make how you see yourself more positive and resilient. Through our talks and personalized strategies, we’ll build a foundation of self-love, helping you tell your story with more confidence and authenticity.

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