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“It’s the relationship that heals,” Irvin Yalom


Think of Transactional Analysis like a tool that helps us understand how you think and act. It’s like looking through glasses that show three main ways you respond—like a grown-up, a parent, or a child. These ways are linked to what you learned and felt when you were a kid.

As your guide on this journey, my job is to help you explore these different sides of yourself. We’ll dig into the stuff you learned and felt in the past that still affects how you communicate and behave today. It’s a bit like finding old scripts in your mind, stories from when you were younger that still play a role in your life.

Our talks aim to shine a light on these ways of thinking and behaving, so you can change the ones that aren’t helping you. Picture it as untangling a knot in a string—clearing the way for better relationships and personal growth. With Transactional Analysis, we learn to understand the language of your thoughts and feelings, building a stronger connection with yourself and others.

My main goal is to help you use the ideas from Transactional Analysis in your everyday life. Together, we’re working towards making positive changes—reshaping how you relate to yourself and those around you. Whether we’re exploring memories from authority figures or unravelling the influences from your past, our journey is all about bringing insight, better communication, and a sense of well-being into your life. It’s like a transformation, guiding you toward a more harmonious connection with yourself and the world.


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