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“It’s the relationship that heals,” Irvin Yalom


Diving into the world of psychodynamics is like opening a door to the hidden corners of our minds, the stuff we’re not always aware of but plays a big role in how we behave. It’s this idea in psychology that takes us on a journey through the unconscious, where thoughts and desires quietly shape who we are.

Picture it like this: early experiences, the things we felt and encountered in our past, leave imprints on our personalities. Sigmund Freud, a big name in this realm, gave us psychodynamic theory, exploring concepts like the unconscious mind, defence mechanisms, and how childhood experiences echo in our adult lives.

My goal as your therapist is to dig deep, uncovering those hidden conflicts you might not even be aware of. It’s about shining a light on the stuff that’s been quietly steering your actions. By doing this, we aim to bring insight and understanding, paving the way for emotional healing and personal growth. It’s a bit like turning on a light in the dim corners of your mind, making sense of things, and finding the path to a more fulfilling life.

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